There's a lot packed into this book!  It is very readable.  Follow Steve and Robyn as they travel this unmarked road of mental illness, fighting the negative stigma.  

Today Steve and Robyn are a voice for the mentally ill.  They spend their time counseling the hopeless, as well as helping and advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.  They seek to inform the church about the truth behind mental illness.  Learn how we as a church can be a more effective help to sufferers.  Learn the symptoms and get comfortable with the terminology.  It's time that we become the heart and hands of Christ and bring compassion to these suffering Christians.  They are in our pews.  They are the walking wounded, suffering in silence and shame.  Mental illness begs for community.  Let's offer the mentally ill that safe haven.

No one ever chooses their trials--and no one would ever choose to be assaulted by a mental illness.  Trained as a pastor, Steve candidly tells his story of his awful fall into severe depression.  Robyn weaves her own story of how Steve's illness impacted her as a wife to a sick loved one, and mother to 4 little ones.  Not only was the depression a major battle, but the heartless assaults of Christians who simply could not understand that in this case depression was a physical problem, deprived this family of much needed comfort and support, and greatly added to their pain.  

Steve is candid when he talks about his illness.  He talks about his tears, his hopelessness, his suicidal temptations, his quest for help through doctors, medication and even the controversial treatment of E.C.T.  


Broken Minds

Broken Minds: Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It

Steve & Robyn Bloem

Steve & Robyn Bloem


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CAMI: Christians Afflicted With Mental Illness

The 6 lesson are as follows:

Chapter 1: The Providence of God and Mental Illness

Chapter 2: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

Chapter 3: Elijah, A Depressed Man

Chapter 4: Suicide: The Lethality of Mental Illness

Chapter 5: The Consumer and Links to Help

Chapter 6: Shepherding the Mentally Ill


They have not yet started a Houston area CAMI Support Group. They will meet anywhere to offer this free service from Heartfelt Counseling Ministries. If you have an interest and a few chairs for people to sit down, give them a call and they will start a group for you!

Steve covers the aspects of mental health issues at times as a pastor, sometimes as a counselor and other times as a patient. It is very well received and functions as a great discussion starter as well as an educational tool. 

You know, as we do, that Mental Illness begs for community. There will be no shaming, no blaming but loving support from others just like you; either the patient or the caregiver-you all are welcome.

If you have any questions or need any other information call Steve or Robyn Bloem @ Heartfelt Counseling Ministries 561.909.9109.
They look forward to seeing you!
Come as you are!

We have recently decided to offer this material to the public. In addition to the regular study book, we offer aLeader’s Guide which holds all the instructions on how to start, lead and maintain these valuable groups.  It also has an additional section which answers over a hundred and twenty questions about mental illness. 
How would you or your friends benefit from a CAMI group? Or why buy the material?

1) There is nothing similar available

2) It is scriptural 

3) It is affordable 

4) Easy to read 

5) Stimulates discussion 

6) Tells you from A-Z(ed) how to start and conduct a support group 

The Leader’s Guide is only $15 and the Student Guide is just $10. Training for using this material is available from Heartfelt Counseling Ministries if you feel you need it.   

Steve and Robyn would like to invite you to a special support group! This is for people who suffer from depression, bipolar, panic disorder, OCD, etc., OR for those supporting loved ones and friends who have these conditions. They incorporate the bible and discuss how illnesses affect them and how we can help others!

This is the workbook that has been written for CAMI Support Groups. There are 6 lessons with 8 questions in each lesson.  Each lesson has a key verse and a theme for the week/lesson.  The group is intended to meet regularly to support one another, encourage one another through Scripture, share experiences and study mental illness together. 

CAMI Support Group

CAMI Student Workbook


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Steve & Robyn Bloem

CAMI Leader's Guide


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Steve & Robyn Bloem

The Pastoral Handbook of Mental Illness


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Steve & Robyn Bloem

The Pastoral Handbook

of Mental Illness

Mental illness begs for community.  At Heartfelt we have created a private page on Facebook for people to meet and keep the conversation going.  Let's talk.  Let's share our questions and concerns and support each other.  Hope to see many of you online on our Facebook CAMI page.
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We are happy to distinguish ourselves at Heartfelt Counseling as a MINISTRY not a mental health agency and as such we will receive your emergency calls ourselves when you need help. Anytime. Don't suffer alone.
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